About Us

Hello, there! We’re the Whiteley’s!

Welcome to our blog! We are so excited that you’re hanging out with us.

A little bit about us- Connor and Jenn met in college while working on a play for the theater department. We became the best of friends and a year later became much more than friends.

We have been together for four years, have been married for one, and have a beautiful one year old daughter. We are currently shacked up in South Dennis, Massachusetts and are loving the Cape life!

Connor is starting a new job at MediTech later this month, and Jenn works for her former graduate school in the Registrar’s office. Our hearts are full and our lives could only go up from here.

We thought 2020 was the best year of our lives… 2021 is proving to be even better!

We are so excited to share with you our tips and tricks of parenthood, our favorite family meals, and so much more!

Welcome to our family.

  • September 2016- Connor and Jenn meet during callbacks for the Quinnipiac University Theater production of Stop Kiss. They became the best of friends.

    Connor falls in love with Jenn almost immediately… Jenn doesn’t realize.

  • February 2017- Connor invites Jenn over to his house to watch the Super Bowl. Connor knows it’s a date. Jenn knows nothing.

  • May 2017- Jenn graduates college and goes off to work in Maine, keeping in contact with Connor.

  • September 2017- Jenn attends the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Quinnipiac University Theater space.

    Connor and Jenn see each other for the first time since May.

  • October 2017- Connor and Jenn go see their friend in a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (it’s not quite a date, though both of them wanted it to be).

  • November 2017- Jenn invites Connor out to a bar following a rehearsal of his. They FINALLY kiss. The rest of the story pretty much writes itself.