Stay Bump-to-Date! My 36 Week Bump-Date

36 Weeks Pregnant

We’ve made it to the final month of this pregnancy!

It has been such a whirlwind of a year. Becoming pregnant with our first child during a global pandemic was certainly not what we had in mind.

For those of you just joining, Connor and I found out we were pregnant in January of this year, about a month into the pregnancy. It was not planned, but we welcomed it with open arms… and an engagement! Good job to Connor on that one 😉 We were living in California, both still working at the time and I was enrolled in graduate school. Two months after we tested positive, the pandemic shut everything down. I lost my job at a local Equity theater, our school closed and resorted to remote learning, and we got the hell out of dodge. We packed up our life (and our cats) in 1 week and road tripped back to the East Coast. It was quite an adventure for being 3 months pregnant! We currently live in rural Connecticut in a lovely duplex, Connor has a wonderful job in Greenwich, and we are perfectly healthy. Again- not the pregnancy we had ever thought we would have!

Now, at 36 weeks pregnant, in the middle of the HOTTEST New England summer I think we’ve ever experienced, I am ready for baby girl to be OUT of me! We had our 36 week appointment with the OBGYN (Avery Center in Westport, CT) yesterday… and there is no end in sight. I am the sliiiiightest bit dilated- barely .5cm. While we all thought she was going to come early (me being a 5’2″ petite woman and Connor being a 5’11” large man), it looks like she is going to hold out until at least her due date. We were a little disappointed with that- we just want to meet her! Being pregnant has its ups and downs, but after a while you just get sick of being pregnant and want to be a parent.

I am excited to keep you updated in the weeks to come!

  • HOW FAR ALONG? 36 weeks and 3 days! It’s crazy how fast the time flies. Emily is about 6 pounds and is the size of a head of kale (ew) or a Buzz Lightyear action toy!
  • DUE DATE? September 19th
  • SIZE?: If everything matches what the doctor says, about 6.4lbs!
  • WEIGHT GAIN? EVERY woman’s experience in pregnancy is different. There is no right or wrong weight to be/gain during your pregnancy. Initially, I lost about 5-6 pounds in the first 2 months of pregnancy. This wasn’t due to morning sickness- that’s just how my body reacted to being pregnant! Weight gain also doesn’t mean gaining fat yourself- it’s the weight of your baby, your uterus, fluid, placenta, and so many other things in your body. Now that we are at the end, I have gained roughly 20 pounds (including the 5-6 back that I had lost). I will probably pack on another 4-6 before Emily arrives.
  • NAME? You all know this- Emily Ruth Whiteley! AKA Emmy Ruth, Emmy, Ruthie, Baby Girl, Emily, and whatever other nicknames we come up with! We’ve had this name picked out for about 2 years- ever since we began talking about having children together!
  • HOW AM I FEELING? Ehhhhh. Pregnancy has been kind to me overall, but it’s not something I particularly enjoyed. Right now, I am feeling tireddddd. It kills me to walk up and down the stairs- I feel like I need to take a nap as soon as I get to the landing! The muscles on my back (my Lats) have begun hurting from strain of the weight of my uterus pulling down. I have also had pretty bad Braxton Hicks (false contractions) for the past few weeks. I have begun feeling a small, sharp pain at the top of my uterus, which means it’s preparing to help me push out this baby!
  • CRAVINGS?: Throughout this pregnancy, I haven’t “craved” anything. There are moments where I will see a food in a TV show or a commercial and need to immediately eat it (the Cheese Puffs I made my husband pick up the other day). I constantly want chocolate or pizza, but honestly that’s nothing new!
  • AVERSIONS?: Burgers. I don’t know why- about a month ago I just couldn’t stomach eating burgers! Sometimes watching people eat also makes me a tad queasy.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGES?: My feet are definitely a little swollen. My normal 7.5 size shoe is a bit tight on me- I hope they go down since I just ordered some new fall booties!
  • BABY MOVEMENT?: They say that baby movement slows down during the last month of pregnancy- I have yet to notice that. Emily is rocking and rolling at all times of the day! Since this is my first pregnancy, my uterus and abdominal muscles are pretty tight, so her movements look like waves. They’re still big enough to be surprised with! She gets the hiccups about twice a day, sometimes more. She also loves stretching out and seeing how far her arms and legs can go!
  • BELLY BUTTON?: What a weird thing. My belly button stretched out- it never popped. But at times, depending on her position, you can grab it between your fingers.
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT?: Not being pregnant anymore? Honestly, it’s been a great pregnancy but it is certainly not for me. I am truly excited about getting to hold our baby girl and watching her move outside of me rather than inside. I also can’t wait to see what color hair she has!
  • LEAST EXCITED ABOUT?: Honestly? Nothing. I am very much looking forward to this new chapter in our lives! It’s going to be tough as hell, but we have each other and we have the support of 5 incredible grandparents!
  • PRENATAL VITAMINS?: I am taking One A Day Women’s Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin with Brain Support. They’re great! There is a separate vitamin for Folic Acid, an important Vitamin B that promotes cell development and growth. You can find these on Amazon here!
  • SKINCARE?: I have naturally veryyyy oily skin. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, my skin cleared up of any oils and acne. It was amazing! Once I hit the third trimester, my skin decided to revolt. My pores became clogged again, my skin was slick, and I didn’t know how to combat it. My sister turned me onto these products:
    • Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. This cleanser from Sephora is a GAME CHANGER! 1. It smells heavenly. 2. The formula of the cleanser makes my skin soft and leaves off the oils for hours. My skin already feels cleaner after using it for only a few weeks. I use it in the morning and pair it with…
    • CeraVĂ© Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This moisturizer brings back color and life into my skin. It’s not heavy and absorbs right into your pores for a healthy glow.
    • At night, I use CeraVĂ© Hydrating Facial Cleanser. This cleanser helps get all of the first and grime from throughout the day off of my face. It’s the perfect cleanser for the evening as it assists in taking off makeup, AND it’s fragrance free!

I am so excited for this baby to greet the world. Come back in the next few weeks as I talk about my labor and delivery plan (which can ALWAYS change in the moment)!