Stay Bump-to-Date! My 13 week update.

We are almost halfway through the FINAL week of the first trimester! Monday the 13th starts the second trimester- which is just insane. I don’t understand how fast the time is going. It feels like yesterday we found out we were expecting for the FIRST time, and here we are, 3 weeks away from the end of 2021 with a toddler and a 13 week fetus. It’s pretty crazy.

  • HOW FAR ALONG? 13 weeks 2 days.
  • DUE DATE? June 13th.
  • SIZE? Baby 2 is the size of a lemon! They are 3 whole inches in length from the tip of the head to the bottom of their little butt.
  • WEIGHT GAIN? I believe I have slowly begun to put weight on. They don’t really recommend you gain too much in the first trimester, however starting next week I am going to have to ramp up my food intake. 3x the fruit, 100000x the water, and lots of carbs… says me 🙂
  • NAME? We are only sharing name thoughts with family at this time 🙂
  • HOW AM I FEELING? Excited! I am cherishing my time with Emily, but I can’t wait to see her be a big sister.
  • CRAVINGS? Nothing currently. I had ice cream for the first time in months last night and it destroyed my stomach, so…
  • AVERSIONS? Chicken. I don’t want the stuff.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGES? There is a teeeeeeny bump showing down there. But it’s small. My shirts have definitely begun to get a little tight around the belly.
  • BABY MOVEMENT? Every once in a while I can feel pressure in there when it rolls around, but because the lemon is only 3 inches big, there’s not much to feel.
  • BELLY BUTTON? My belly button has been pushed a little higher than normal now that the bump has begun to grow.
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT? Seeing Emily interact with my growing belly and eventually interact with her sibling.
  • LEAST EXCITED ABOUT? Nothing right now, to be honest. We are having another c-section, so I know what to expect.
  • PRENATAL VITAMINS? I am taking One A Day Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin with Brain Support. It has 800 mg of Folic Acid which is a very important vitamin that promotes development and growth. I am also taking a probiotic, vitamin C, D3, and B12.
  • SKINCARE? Superfood Cleanser by Youth to the People and a moisturizer by Clinique.


Stay Bump-to-Date! My 12 week update!

  • HOW FAR ALONG? 12 weeks!!!
  • DUE DATE? June 13th.
  • SIZE? Baby 2 is the size of a LIME! In the past week they have grown almost a whole inch!
  • WEIGHT GAIN? I am slowly starting to climb now. My last doctor weigh in was 164, so I would assume I am about 165-166 now.
  • NAME? We are only sharing name thoughts with family at this time 🙂
  • HOW AM I FEELING? I am feeling great. I am still a little tired during the day but I am getting my energy back. I definitely want to clean and bake all of the time.
  • CRAVINGS? Not really!
  • AVERSIONS? Chocolate. Which is a huge probe, because I love chocolate. And it’s not that I am having an AVERSION to it, it’s just my body doesn’t really want it right now.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGES? A teeeeeeeny time bump is forming. My uterus is just now starting to come up and out of my pelvis and soon it will start pushing outwards and upwards.
  • BABY MOVEMENT? It’s kicking away in there, but I won’t be able to feel it for another 8-ish weeks.
  • BELLY BUTTON? Still an innie! It stayed an innie through Em’s pregnancy so it may for this one as well.
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT? My maternity shoot! It won’t be until the spring, but because of COVID I never got to do a maternity shoot with Emily. I am excited to incorporate her into this one.
  • LEAST EXCITED ABOUT? The third trimester. I wasn’t a huge fan of it last time.
  • PRENATAL VITAMINS? I am taking the same vitamins as last time, and have been for the past 4 months as we got ready to try again. I am taking One A Day Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin with Brain Support. It has 800 mg of Folic Acid which is a very important vitamin that promotes development and growth. I am also taking a Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a probiotic. I also take a Gas-X when necessary, because growing a baby makes you gassy!
  • SKINCARE? I currently use the Superfood Cleanser by Youth to the People and I use a Clinique moisturizer.

Stay Bump-to-Date! My 37 Week Bumpdate

37 Weeks Pregnant

Holy Moly! 37 weeks pregnant. We are so freaking close to meeting Emily.

This past week I have felt so many changes in my body. My back has begun to hurt more in different places as my uterus begins to pull down. The upper part of my belly also hurts, giving me a stinging sensation. I had my first full contraction last night, which I have learned means absolutely nothing. My dilation has not progressed since last week, so we are still sitting at about .5cm dilated with 0 effacement. This isn’t a bad thing! It just means that Emily is comfy cozy inside her home. I wish she could be comfy cozy in her bassinet, but we have a few more weeks until that happens.

Connor has officially begun his WFH (work from home) stint! Unfortunately someone in his company contracted Covid-19 2 weeks ago, so everyone is WFH, but this means he will be home well through Emily’s arrival. Side note: we are 100% fine, no symptoms, and feel GREAT besides the pregnancy. It’s nice being able to look over into the study and see him working hard at our desk, and it’s equally as nice for him to look over and see me on the couch, usually watching The Office.

While I am feeling the exhaustion, there is still stuff to do around the house. Bottles need to be washed and sterilized, one last load of her laundry needs to be done, and there is the mildest hint of clutter that needs to be taken care of. Luckily (I guess) we have the time!

  • HOW FAR ALONG? 37 weeks and 2 days! Emily is close to 7lbs and is the size of a Doc Marten Boot! Where my 90’s kids at?!
  • DUE DATE? September 19th.
  • SIZE?: If everything matches what the doctor says, about 7lbs.
  • WEIGHT GAIN? This past week I have actually lost 2lbs, making my weight this week 162lbs. I’ve gained about 15lbs so far this pregnancy, and that includes all baby weight, placenta, uterus, and whatever fat I’ve gained myself. Losing weight is normal in the last few weeks of pregnancy as your water breaks and you pee more (like 3x per hour).
  • NAME? Emily Ruth Whiteley ❤
  • HOW AM I FEELING?: Exhausted. I had my first “real” contraction yesterday and that alone wiped me out for the evening. Emily has slowed down her movements, but they’ve also become stronger. She is stretching from Zimbabwe to Canada! I have to pee more often, and when I cough/laugh there is intense pressure on my cervix. Does this mean baby will come soon?? NOPE! Doctor confirmed we are still less than 1cm dilated with no effacement.
  • CRAVINGS?: Honestly none! I constantly want chocolate, despite the heartburn, but that is nothing new. I am currently heading up a CPK White Pizza. Am I gonna share with my husband? Probs not.
  • AVERSIONS?: Everything. Literally aside from chocolate, I am never “in the mood” for a certain food.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGES?: I have stretch marks appearing on my belly this past week!
  • BABY MOVEMENT?: She is still going strong. Her movements have become more like rolling around rather than sharp punches and kicks. She still finds a way to dig her foot into the far side of my uterus!
  • BELLY BUTTON?: Flat flat flat.
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT?: Getting this baby out of me!
  • LEAST EXCITED ABOUT?: Getting this baby out of me.
  • PRENATAL VITAMINS?: I am taking One A Day Women’s Prenatal Advanced Multivitamin with Brain Support. They’re great! There is a separate vitamin for Folic Acid, an important Vitamin B that promotes cell development and growth. You can find these on Amazon here!
  • SKINCARE?: I have naturally veryyyy oily skin. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, my skin cleared up of any oils and acne. It was amazing! Once I hit the third trimester, my skin decided to revolt. My pores became clogged again, my skin was slick, and I didn’t know how to combat it. My sister turned me onto these products:
    • Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. This cleanser from Sephora is a GAME CHANGER! 1. It smells heavenly. 2. The formula of the cleanser makes my skin soft and leaves off the oils for hours. My skin already feels cleaner after using it for only a few weeks. I use it in the morning and pair it with…
    • CeraVé Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This moisturizer brings back color and life into my skin. It’s not heavy and absorbs right into your pores for a healthy glow.
    • At night, I use CeraVé Hydrating Facial Cleanser. This cleanser helps get all of the first and grime from throughout the day off of my face. It’s the perfect cleanser for the evening as it assists in taking off makeup, AND it’s fragrance free!

I still can’t believe we are less than 3 weeks out from her due date. Fingers crossed she comes on time!!!